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X: Rebirth version 4.00

Posted 3 years ago.

Having finally dragged myself away from Fallout 4, I decided to start over with a new X-Rebirth campaign.

First thoughts are that they seem to have nerfed the economy, in particular where you could convert scrap metal to alloys and sell for a huge profit. So far in the early game each Junk Dealer has had an average of around 8 or 9 pieces, which is going to = over 100 transactions (minus any found in lockers) to get one section of alloy. Previously, dealers were regularly selling 150+ units of scrap metal.

As to the rest, I'll need to work out how the legacy campaign melds into HoL once I get a bit further on.

Edit: Searching a bit re this on google, noticed the "Beta" notes for the patch did refer to fixing "too much" scrap metal available at vendors. Says who... ? There's a world of difference between 200 units and 7 and this comes tenuously close to undue tampering with the retail product I already bought. I can understand if they wanted to make it ~75 - 100 units of scrap metal per trader but given this was a good workround for the rest of the lousy economy and lack of side missions to subsidise the campaign it's a kick in the teeth from Egosoft.

Posted 3 years ago.

Further to the above... Having posted on the Egosoft forums about the scrap metal nerf, appears this was done due to issues the amount of materials in the Universe were having (or something). However, to be fair the new Bulletin Board system which you can call up from within the cockpit seems to have more and greater variety of missions than before. With taxi missions grossing ~200k credits per run and clearing a minefield ~400-600k credits per mission I guess that offsets the fewer resources at junk dealers.

Apparently the alloy from scrap metal is also required for weapon crafting so should be kept hold of rather than sold.

Just would have been nice if this had been more prominently briefed so returning players wouldn't have gone, "What the... Heck", when clicking on their first JD.

Posted 3 years ago.

Good morning.

I stopped playing XR several months ago due to unlimited bugs. 1st time that I tried to do the storyline , I became XML expert to be able to finish it. 2nd time that I tried to do it , there were many changes to the game and due to bugs I couldn't play storyline after the 1st 2-3 missions. I cant say that I was happy about 3.6 version. After that I saw that they put 4.0 and they added a new expansion. Do u think that I can come back to game and play the whole storyline again and have fun ? After finishing the campaign I will focus on building my empire.

I won't ask if anyone has any news about the new X game because it may be too soon.

Thank you very much in advance.

Posted 3 years ago.

I don't think there are any plot-breaking bugs left but I've not played the plot since a 3.x game so maybe I'm forgetting something. There are probably some aspects that are not entirely intuitive or maybe require some work-around but if you get stuck, you should be able to continue after seeking advise.

Generally speaking, I don't think the plot has changed much so the guides provided here probably still help as they did for me when I played through the first time. Perhaps the main thing is that the PMC Overwatch stops perma-repairing after a point now, so it doesn't impact on travel long-term. There are some tips on the Egosoft wiki that you could consider referring to as well in case they're helpful (misc tips and detailed walk-through).

Whether you'll have fun or not I can't answer. 4.0 did introduce quite a few quality of life and substantial changes though so maybe it's worth a shot if the bigger changes (generally towards the top of their changelogs) are of interest to you.

Posted 2 years ago.

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Not sure if I should be happy I waited or not, I never played the previous versions so...

I had a showstopper bug at the start of the campaign and had to restart but after that it was smooth. I have to say i'm enjoying it very much. Feel like I should have played it sooner. Oh well, now is as good as time as any.

Repairing the Lyranea after running a PMC blockade.Picture

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