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M1 through TP classes

Posted 1 year ago.

Hello folks , im rather new to this game, and im wondering what does it mean .
m1 , m2 etc.
also what are TL,TM,TS,TP mean.
I suspect they are different classes of ships.

im looking for a good freighter and good ship to protect myself and the freighter.


Posted 1 year ago.

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hi there, M1, M2, etc. stands for military and the number is class. The number usually means size, but over the various games is has been added too, so it ends up like (yeah, its a bit of mess - in early games it was simply M1, M2, M3, M4, M5);

- M1 (Carrier)
- M2 (Destoyer)
- M7M (Missile Frigate) *added class, the extra M stands for missile
- M7 (Frigate) *added class in later games
- M6 (Corvette)*added class in later games
- M8 (Bomber) *added class in later games
- M3 (Fighter)
- M4 (Interceptor)
- M5 (Scout)

So in Rebirth/X4 this was ditched for S, M, L, XL etc.

As for non-military ships, in order of size:

- TL (Large Transport) for carrying stations
- TS (Transport Ship) trade ships
- TM (Military Transport) small carrier *added class in later games
- TP (Transport Passenger)

However unlike from TL ships, non-military ships greatly vary in size - ie. some TS ships are big, are some small. However TL ships are the biggest non-military ships.

Posted 1 year ago.

Thanks for the reply, that helped a lot.
So im wondering which would be a good freighter to haul freight and possibly run a ore mine.

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