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Help with type-10 build for LTD mining.

Posted 2 months ago.

Hey guys so I just bought a type 10 Defender looking to make a low temperature Diamond miner build not sure what all I need any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Posted 2 months ago.

cannot help with your build sorry as I use a krait with blasters and do not deep core.
Weapons are not really necessary but I do have missile defence but even that is not necessary...after dropping in to mining field just hang around until other ships leave then you can mine safely until full.

I usually just carry enough cargo space to match the time I will spend mining...rest is limpits.

Fuel scoop to travel to selling point etc.

you need shields also.

I always mine in solo but that is up to you of course.

above is basic stuff as I do not know what experience you have so do not take offence,,,there are also more knowledgeable folds around that could help.

all the best

Posted 1 month ago.


I recently started using a Type 10 for LTD laser mining and use the following build:

Core Internal: 8A Power Plant, 7A Thrusters, 7A FSD, 5D Life Support, 7A Power Distributor and 4D Sensors. I also go for Military Grade Composite just for the extra protection.

Optional Internal: 8E and 7E Cargo Racks, 6A Shield Generator, 5A Fuel Scoop, 3A Collector Limpet, 3A Collector Limpet, 3A Collector Limpet, 3A Prospector Limpet, 2A Refinery, 5D Hull Reinforcement Package, 5D Module Reinforcement Package, Detailed Surface Scanner (this is essential for mining).

Hardpoints: 2x 3D Beam Lasers (Turret), 2x 3E Multi-Cannon (Turret), 2E Beam Laser (Turret), 2F Multi-Cannon (Turret), 2D Mining Laser and 2x 1D Mining Lasers.

Utility Mounts: (8 Slots) 4x Point Defence, 2x OA Shield Boosters, Heat Sink Launcher and Chaff Launcher (you can fill all the Utility Slots with OB Shield Boosters if you prefer more shield power)

A maxed out Power Plant has 36mw and the above build uses 31.26mw, so there is room to play about with things. I have not been attacked by any serious pirates yet so can't state how it performs in combat under serious pressure. I find that the mining set-up works well and 384 cargo space is about as much time as i can spend mining in one go. Usually takes me about 2.5 hours to fill the hold.

Happy Mining!

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