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Posted 7 months ago.

I'm new to this game and found myself very impressed with its depth and immersion. I've read a few guides and some of the manual, but have found myself getting frustrated again and again. Of all the different storylines you can choose from in a new game, it seems like only the "Humble Merchant" option is viable. I tried "custom" and read about the others, and basically it seems like you are not given showbox speed test enough at the start to reasonably accomplish anything. You get a crappy ship and maybe 1k credits. Your ship is not fit for missions of any kind (can't win a fight, carry people, move quick enough to follow/patrol) nor is it fit for trading due to limited cargo space and funds. I'm currently making progress with trade and enjoying "Humble Merchant". Is there any way to progress with these other starts or is "Humble Merchant" really the only way to go for vanilla?

Posted 7 months ago.

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Hi there, as you play the game you will unlock more starts (like getting certain ranks with people etc). Custom is meant for user created maps, so if you pick this one you will more or less get a blank universe. Although you should probably have more than just the one start although Confused

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