Which X3 should I get for chill, trade-oriented?

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Posted 3 months ago.

Hi. I've never played any of the X games, but I've heard good things about them. With the big Steam sale going on right now, I was thinking about picking up one of them to see what they're like.

Recently, I went on a creative streak and drafted a 9-page Word document about my dream space trading sim, where you run your own trading/logistics company in a massive sandbox. I want to hire a fleet of ships to do most of the work for me. The X series seems to be the closest I could get to what I have in mind.
So which of them should I try? I have my eyes on the X3 games/DLCs but I have no idea what sets them apart gameplay-wise. I'm not that interested in combat or strategy, just the trading side of these sims.

Suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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