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Posted 3 weeks ago.

Variations of this question have been asked before, but they mostly predate FL, and even the few threads where FL was out, most hadn't played enough of it to form an opinion yet.

Asking as someone who likes X4 and has dabbled in TC and AP before, but hasn't yet 'clicked' with it.

I'm also indecisive and currently have the Terran War Pack from GOG installed, as well as latest Litcube's on a separate install.
I'm thinking TC is probably the weakest of these because for most people AP is better in many ways and you can get TC plots modded into AP anyways. From what I'm seeing, FL isn't as clear of a "straight upgrade" to AP as AP is to TC, but how does it fare against AP in terms of teaching new players the ropes and/or having mechanics or QoL that might be helpful to newer players?

Alternatively, what do you think about going straight to the "deep end" and starting with something like LU, perhaps with Phanon Corp turned off at first? The one possible negative that immediately comes to mind is learning LU-specific things that are different in TC/AP/FL, and having to "unlearn" them if you're ever wanting to go back to non-LU X3.


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