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Posting Guidlines

Posted 9 years ago.

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Here is a simple collection of guidelines to help with solving bugs.

Search before you post!
Please look around this forum, maybe the bug was already mentioned. Don't just go wild and make new threads, check the forum.

We are not egosofts tech support
For tech support questions in general, contact egosoft.

Verify the mod is the issue
Check if it is really the mod, that is causing the trouble. How?
1) Update your drivers. All of them.
2) Check if the problem persists in a non-modded version of the game.
3) Check every script you have installed. Maybe the issue is with something else.

Be clear
DON'T post threads going "it doesn't work!". These threads will be deleted without questions asked.

New thread guidelines
If you followed all of the above, and identified the problem as a result of the mod (or atleast not from anything else), then check the Bug List thread.
If you still haven't found anything, check this forum. Still nothing?
Well it's time to post a new thread.

Thread naming
Please use descriptive names for threads. things like "it doesn't work" or "just crashes" are useless to say the least.
thread naming like: "Game crash when entering Argon Core" or "Text not read when checking ships" is much better.
This way it will be easier for the developers to find your post and identify it as a valid bug.

Bug information
Your first post should contain a couple of information:
1) Game version
2) Using Roguey's mod, with or without classic rules?
3) A list of ALL other mods installed
4) Are you using Cycrows Script Installer?
5) Severnes of the problem - Game crashes? Annoyances? wrong values?
6) A description of the problem. When does it occur? What exactly are you doing when it occurs? Does it seem to have a pattern at all? What sector are you in, which commands you execute etc. The more information here, the easier to solve.

Please keep in mind that this information is very well needed, and posting without it, will just make it take longer to fix the issue.

Post reply Guidelines
Please keep the post reply's clean and free from uneeded chit-chat.

This is a working area, so we ask you to chat elsewhere. Keep this sub-forum clean and organized and the issues will be resolved in no-time

Thanks for following the Guideliness

Burn rubber, not your soul!
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