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Place title here... lol

Posted 9 years ago.

yeah, i imagine quite well about the spam bots, i used to be a moderator in a forum and had to delete junk like that. well, the forum looks very nice : )

i have been away for a wile, playing some games sporadic. still haven't finished X3 yet =)

been wondering how's kt have been, as he had some issues some time ago, and didn't had any news about him too Smile

and of course, came too see how where you and everyone else.

it's nice to see that you still kept up with the forum, as it's a nice gathering place as well as very nice for people that appreciates X3 : )

Posted 9 years ago.

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Please insert pizza!
thanks dread. The spam-bots were getting annoying, so I had to do something about them. Banning each one wasnt working, as the next day your see 5 more.

hows you?

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