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Posted 10 years ago.

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The Old Guy
I have a lot of time before I get to the plot that will give me my PHQ, but I have a question that relates to some fleet reassignments I'm planning.

I know that most ships/craft can be reverse engineered at my PHQ.
Will the new ship/craft have the software upgrades of the reversed engineered ship/craft?

I'm planning to replace some of my M3's and M6's that I'm using for Complex protection.
If the software upgrades don't get reverse engineered, I'll put those M3's and M6's I plan to sell into storage and transfer the upgrades when the new ships get built.
I'm guessing that like weapons and missiles, the software upgrades aren't part of the reverse engineering but I thought I'd ask.

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Posted 10 years ago.

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Please insert pizza!
Well I thought you get a plain ship after building / reserve engineering. So you get the built-in upgrades but nothing else. No shields, weapons or upgrades.

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