Possible hotmail / outlook fix

Tuesday 3rd March, 2015 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments

For a long time, ive had a lot of problems getting the site to send emails to outlook, hotmail, live etc. addresses. The problem was that the registration email would not appear in your inbox or junk folders (however Google-mail didnt have a problem).

So today ive been trying to trace the problem. Awhile back I had similar problem (which was later fixed with some help, seen here). This time it wasnt as simple - there was some out-of-date information and the SPF wasnt being confirmed. Mail providers are using stronger anti-spam filters, so you have to get more things correct for legit emails to get through. Its understandable, as I get a lot of junk-mail even after all these filters.

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I have also added the ability to confirm your password using the forgot password feature. You may of tried to register before, didnt receive the email and then forgot the password. So you can do both things at once.

I hope this solves any registration problems. If you're now able to register I would appreciate hearing about about it. So if you could please post a comment below. thanks,


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