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The delivery

well, today is 30th of May and got a delivery;
  • 4x GGU MK06 0070 (the windows)
  • 4x EDP MK06 0000 (flashing kit)
The delivery was around 11am, where a single guy dropped off the windows with their flashing kits. I was kind-of surprised there wasnt at-least two guys - I guess normally they drop to the edge of the property (by the use of a crane). We do have a set of blinds on-order but havnt been delivered to store yet. We have been told these are due later in the week - we will probably just pick them up (its better than waiting around all-day for a delivery).

The delivery from Velux

So the next stage for me will be moving out of the stairs completely, as it wont be very habitable (dust, rubble etc). For that I will need to move my PC downstairs and move what I can into the side-areas (keeping stuff safe). I should have all that done by the end of this week, as im doing a bit at an time.

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