How do shields they work?
Shields recharge using the ship reactor, each shield requires a certain amount of energy to recharge at full speed. If a shield receives half the energy required, then it will recharge at half the speed. If your ship develops more reactor energy than required from your shields, then the shield will simply recharge at normal speed; as you cant over-clock the shields!

Name Size Power use Price Cargo
1 MW Shield 1 MW Shield 1MJ 100 kW 8,640 credits 1 (S)
5 MW Shield 5 MW Shield 5MJ 500 kW 74,880 credits 3 (S)
25 MW Shield 25 MW Shield 25MJ 2,500 kW 316,800 credits 10 (M)
125 MW Shield 125 MW Shield 125MJ 12,500 kW 1,440,000 credits 25 (XL)