Argon Auster Hauler (M8)

Ship picture
This OTAS-developed bomber provides owners with a pin-point strike capability against both capital ships and installations.

Price 3,434,000 credits (3,333 notoriety points)
Acceleration 5.0 to 10.0m/s
Engine speed 53 to 105.0m/s (x10 engine tunings)
Turn speed 2.0 to 3.9rpm (x10 rudder tunings)
Shields 3 x 200 MJ Shield (4 mins, 27 secs, 56% efficiency)
Hull strength 240,000 points
Weapon energy 10,500 (+ 262.4J/sec)
Cargo-bay 750 - 1,250 (XL sized)
Where to buy
Production at HQ
2 hours, 58 mins, 38 secs.
2 x Front turret Shield/min Hull/min Projectile speed Life-time Distance
Missile launcher... - - - - -
1 x Rear turret Shield/min Hull/min Projectile speed Life-time Distance
ire Impulse Ray Emitter 88,000 8,400 1,162m/s 1.2sec 1.4km
pac Particle Accelerator Cannon 362,827 44,921 703m/s 2.7sec 1.9km
md Mass Driver 0 33,333 739m/s 1.4sec 1.0km
prg Phased Repeater Gun 434,043 45,957 1,560m/s 1.5sec 2.3km
ebc Energy Bolt Chaingun 535,658 85,658 604m/s 4.7sec 2.8km
hept High Energy Plasma Thrower 564,623 93,962 431m/s 5.4sec 2.3km
Available missiles Group Damage Projectile speed Life-time Distance
counter group icon Mosquito Missile Counter 200 700.0m/s 20.1secs 14.1km
bomber group icon Tomahawk Heavy Missile Bomber 625,000 235.0m/s 183.5secs 43.1km


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