Split Iguana (TP)

Ship picture
This fast transport ship has been in service for many years now. The ship was originally built for slave transport, to ferry slaves from their point of capture to the factories where they would spend the rest of their days. Now the ship is used to transport personnel from sector to sector. It is armed with adequate weaponry, but its main defence is speed.

Price 202,500 credits (33 notoriety points)
Engine speed 90 to 170.1m/s (x9 engine tunings)
Turn speed 3.3 to 6.3rpm (x9 rudder tunings)
Shields 2 x 25 MJ Shield (1 mins, 51 secs, 100% efficiency)
Hull strength 48,000 points
Weapon energy 1,150 (+ 11.5J/sec)
Cargo-bay 450 - 450 (L sized)
Where to buy
Production at HQ
52 mins, 40 secs.
Weapons Missiles

4 x Cockpit

1 x Rear turret







Special commonwealth

Special terran

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Kepler avatar
Kepler  •  2 years ago
Indeed, this is an M3 class ship. But this ship is bit special. When you buy this at shipyard, they install cargo life system software as bonus!
MazuurLFC avatar
MazuurLFC  •  4 years ago
The best ship for catching space flies. It's also fast, well armed and has good steering. It may be used as a fighter.
RandomTank avatar
RandomTank  •  4 years ago
This is probably one of the best M3's in the game, with it's....Wait it's not an M3? How? It's fast, agile, decent guns, good cargo space, and has 2 25mW sheilds!! You say it's a TP class ship? Nah you're lying...
PuppyOfWar avatar
PuppyOfWar  •  5 years ago
These do disparate tasks well; they make great crystal runners, and fair capture vehicles. It's all about the speed and the ions.