Paranid Demeter (TS)

Ship picture
The Demeter has been used for some years now, replacing the old Paranid Ganymede model. It has improved on all of its predecessor's systems. This ship was first brought into service to serve only the Paranid Fleet, but later slowly replaced the Ganymede because of its speed to bring the Paranid Economy back to levels of the Argon and Boron.

Price 106,650 credits (100 notoriety points)
Engine speed 55 to 110.0m/s (x10 engine tunings)
Turn speed 3.0 to 6.0rpm (x10 rudder tunings)
Shields 3 x 25 MJ Shield (2 mins, 19 secs, 80% efficiency)
Hull strength 60,000 points
Weapon energy 950 (+ 9.5J/sec)
Cargo-bay 2,800 - 3,800 (XL sized)
Where to buy
Production at HQ
27 mins, 44 secs.
Weapons Missiles

1 x Rear turret







Special commonwealth

Special terran

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redheart avatar
redheart  •  3 years ago
Sells for 126,702 credits to shipyard.
RandomTank avatar
RandomTank  •  4 years ago
I like this ship. A lot. Its fast, has good shields, can have PSGs or 2 mobile drilling systems (Lols), and has a good cargo bay when you first buy the ship, making it a very good mid-to-long range ecell or just general purpose carrier. (I borrowed the 3 25mW off a Nova a went M3 hunting with the 2 moblie drilling systems. That was a good day!)
RolanDecoy avatar
RolanDecoy  •  4 years ago
Agreed, its the 2nd fastest TS class which almost certainly guarentees getting the best prices as well as the best shields and most hardpoints with the most effective weapon compatibility. It doesn't carry much, but what it carries is carried fast and safe.

BTW, its Anti-Fighter capability is a lot higher than mentioned above. It can outrun / gain on most M3's and can carry the payload to finish the job, as long as the targeted wing is limited to a few M3's.
Sha1hulud avatar
Sha1hulud  •  4 years ago
My favorite run-of-the-mill TS due to speed and it's ability to have a FBL.
PuppyOfWar avatar
PuppyOfWar  •  5 years ago
The Demeter is a viable trade off between speed and cargo space, relative to ships like the Caiman and the Dolphin, and is considered a better trade off than the Mercury and the Vulture.
PuppyOfWar avatar
PuppyOfWar  •  5 years ago
This ship has the best cargo capacity/price ratio of any ship in the game, making it the ideal choice to buy one naked, fill with nividium, and sell to get half price for the nividium. You lose the least money on the ship using this one.