Farnhams Legacy Plot (Index)

Farnhams Legacy Plot guide

In this section you can see the complete guide to the Farnhams Legacy plot.
Please note this guide contains major spoilers!

Here is an break-down of the guide:

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1. Exploring the Void You find yourself in an stranded in a strange place.
2. Locating the gate Its time to find that gate!
3. The gate Now we found the gate, its time to see whats inside it.
4. Building an BoFu Chemical Lab / Borrowing a TL Hola Ni now wants us to build a BoFu Chemical Lab.
5. The Diplomat Lets try and improve our relationship with the Paranid.
6. The Pirate Problem We need to help the Paranid with the Pirate problem, to try and find Idmanckardet.
7. The HUB All isnt what it seems at the HUB.
8. Saving Idmanckardet Lets save Idmanckardet from the Duke's Henchmen and escort him to Spacelab headquarters.
9. Time for Rifles We need to steal Rifles to retake the HUB back.
10. Retaking the Hub It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of gum.
11. Closing thoughts and comments Lets add our closing thoughts and yours.

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