Split Scruffin Farm M (Bio)

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Scruffin Farms are large agricultural complexes where the Split grow vast numbers of Scruffin. The farms are vast geodesic domes that simulate the natural atmosphere and artificial sunlight found on the Split home planet. The huge power resources needed to run such a plant are provided by unique Split engines that, like their space ship engines, are powered by the use of the Markus Space Fly. This requires that each farm needs large amounts of Nostrop, which they feed to the Marcus Space Fly. In many farms the Split are refurbishing their older buildings with new ones manufactured from Teladianium.

General Statistics
Race owner Split Split
Station price 319,974
Cargo space 10,000 (ST)
Station ID SS_FAC_R234
Scruffin Fruits production
Ware Min Avg Max
30 x Energy Cells 12 16 20
Totals : 0.4K 0.5K 0.6K
Ware Min Avg Max
30 x Scruffin Fruits 7 21 35
Totals : 0.2K 0.6K 1.1K
Cycle Time
: 1 min
: 60
: 1800 units
Min Profit/Hour
Avg Profit/Hour
Max Profit/Hour
: -23,400 credits
: 9,000 credits
: 41,400 credits
Sold at Found in

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