Teladi Teladianium Foundry L (Bio)

factory picture
A Teladianium Foundry is a large factory dedicated to the production of the hard tough material known as Teladianium that is used throughout the universe in the construction of buildings and in the interiors of spaceships. It is made from mixing dried out Teladian mud with a number of chemicals before being added to synthetic plastic to produce the final material.

General Statistics
Race owner Teladi Teladi
Station price 811,458
Cargo space 18,000 (ST)
Station ID SS_FAC_R255_1
Teladianium production
Ware Min Avg Max
75 x Energy Cells 12 16 20
Totals : 0.9K 1.2K 1.5K
Ware Min Avg Max
10 x Teladianium 56 156 256
Totals : 0.6K 1.6K 2.6K
Cycle Time
: 1 min
: 60
: 600 units
Min Profit/Hour
Avg Profit/Hour
Max Profit/Hour
: -56,400 credits
: 21,600 credits
: 99,600 credits
Sold at Found in

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