Rhonkar's Trial

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icon icon Split Split Shipyard
  • Product wares
    • Split Equipment Dock
    • Split Trading Port
    • Split Drone Factory
    • Split Advanced Drone Factory
    • Split Massom Mill M
    • Split Massom Mill L
    • Split Rastar Refinery M
    • Split Rastar Refinery L
    • Split Scruffin Farm M
    • Split Scruffin Farm L
    • Split Chelt Space Aquarium M
    • Split Chelt Space Aquarium L
    • Split Ammunition Factory
    • Split Complex Construction Kit
    • Split Ion Shard Railgun Forge
    • Split Impulse Ray Emitter Forge
    • Split SQUASH Mine Factory
    • Split Wasp Missile Factory
    • Split Dragonfly Missile Factory
    • Split Silkworm Missile Factory
    • Split Silkworm Missile Factory
    • Split Thunderbolt Missile Factory
    • Split Lasertower Factory
    • Split Ore Mine M
    • Split Ore Mine L
    • Split Pulsed Beam Emitter Forge
    • Split High Energy Plasma Thrower Forge
    • Split Solar Power Plant M
    • Split Solar Power Plant L
    • Split Solar Power Plant XL
    • Split Photon Pulse Cannon Forge
    • Split Satellite Factory
    • Split Advanced Satellite Factory
    • Split Shield Prod. Facility 25 MJ
    • Split Shield Prod. Facility 1GJ
    • Split Silicon Mine M
    • Split Silicon Mine L
    • Split Weapon Component Factory
    • Split Crystal Fab M
    • Split Crystal Fab L
    • Split Quantum Tube Fab
    • Split Chip Plant
    • Split Computer Plant
    • Split Mass Driver Forge
    • Split Disintegrator Rifles Fab
    • Split Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant
    • Split Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility
    • Split Flail Missile Production Facility
    • Split Tracker Mine Fab
    • Split Tornado Missile Factory
    • Split Raptor
    • Split Python
    • Split Mamba
    • Split Mamba Raider
    • Split Mamba Vanguard
    • Split Scorpion
    • Split Scorpion Vanguard
    • Split Scorpion Sentinel
    • Split Jaguar
    • Split Jaguar Raider
    • Split Jaguar Hauler
    • Split Jaguar Vanguard
    • Split Dragon
    • Split Elephant
    • Split Iguana
    • Split Caiman
    • Split Caiman Tanker
    • Split Caiman Hauler
    • Split Caiman Tanker XL
    • Split Caiman Super Freighter
    • Split Caiman Super Freighter XL
    • Split Caiman Miner
    • Split Heavy Dragon
    • Split Cobra
    • Split Viper
    • Split Panther

(21km, -6km, 3km)

Controls: You can use drag the map, use the mouse wheel / buttons to zoom in and out.

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