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Meeting back up

Now things have hopefully settled down in Albion, its time to return to the gate and see if its safe to go back. So follow the goal markers until you reach the gate back to Albion.

Yisha checks around the area to see if its safe. Ren is hesitate because he doesnt know what is on the other-side, there could be a fleet of ships waiting on the other side. Hesitate, enter the gate.

On the other-side of the gate the Plutarch ships have dissipated - allowing you to sneak past the remaining ships. Yisha suggests going to a rendezvous point to contact Heart of Albion. So travel to the rendezvous (once again follow the goal marker).

Once there you will be contacted by your old friend - Borman. Borman tells you they have uncovered evidence of Plutarch forcing people into slave labour, assassinations and more. People need to know what Plutarch have been doing, so the only way is to broadcast this information, whilst at the same time stopping Plutarch from blocking the broadcast too.

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