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For the next part we will need a Beholder ROV (scanner drone) and a Trojan ROV (hacker drone). To get these drones we will need to find a Drone dealer (if confused where to find a drone-dealer - ask someone where you can find one, by hailing a ship, then asking where can I find...).

Once you have atleast once of each, fly to the marked location and get close to the station. For the first part you will need to send out your Beholder ROV to scan certain points on the station. So bring up your abilities menu and select the Beholder ROV drone (in the sub-text it says its a scaning drone).

You now need to fly the drone to certain points on the station. However to scan each point you must get within 50 meters then press either the right-mouse-button (RMB) or RT (on the controller). When all points have been scanned, its time to switch to the hacker drone (Trojan ROV).

For the next part we will need to hack certain points on the station - similar of that of the scanner drone. However this time select Trojan ROV on your abilities list instead. You will also need to get within 50 meters of the target, then right click and hack. A few of the hacks will require us to play the hack mini-game, where you must stop the bar in the correct place. If you get the mini-game wrong a lot, you will end-up restarting the hacking stage.

Once that is done (phew..), exit the drone. I was glad to get that one finished! That mission took me awhile to suss, and hopefully the above has helped.

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