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You know Yoolus?

Well if you enjoyed the last section.. you wont like what's coming up next... more hacking. This time (using your Trojan ROV) you must hack a few more stations (just the same has before), to find the location of the buildership (in Dwarfish Tinderbox).

Once you have completed the hacking missions, then its time to fly towards the ship. On your way you will be told to stop, and asked to identify yourself. Yisha replies and asks to speak to Yoolus onboard (friend of hers). After a few seconds, you are get permission to land on the ship. So go land.

Once on the ship, go talk to Yoolus. He will tell you about how people from Heart of Albion have been rounded up. However luckly for you, they have been put on prisoner ship. So Yoolus suggests about hijacking prisoner ship. In returnfor the information Yoolus wants your infomation on DeVries. You agree. So now return to your ship. Ren has the idea of instead of hijacking the ship, why not board it?

So, Now we need to get ready for a boarding...

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