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Food Rations

Once back, return to your ship. Borman will contact you about the boarding success and offers congratulations. However he is planning another attack Plutarch, whilst they are distracted from the last attack. So for now Borman asks you to stay-low. Yisha directs you back to DeVries, since they still need resources and may prove to be useful allies.

When you finally get to the marked location you will be asked to deliver 300 x Food Rations. Great... but where and how?

well.. the first thing is that you will need to buy a Rahanas Container, so you can transport the wares. So head towards in Darned Hot Air (top left of the map); shown here. Once in Darned Hot Air, look for a ship-trader. Once found go buy Rahanas Container ship. Now leave the platform, and you will see the ship being built. So you can either watch it being built, or start searching for a place to buy our Food Rations.

When you are ready to buy the food Rations, head towards Gushing Spring (centre of map) and look for the Crystal Castle station. Scan over the station and search for a trade-deal selling Food Rations. Once found, buy 300+ (making sure you have the right ship selected). The captain should confirm your order and start moving to the station.

So the next bit is to sell the wares. You can now travel towards Fervid Corona and go-to the highlighted trade-offer. Once there, select the sell page and find Food Rations, sell all of them.

[v1.18] At this point the ship may not actually pick-up the wares, so the plot could be broken now.
Possible work-around: here. The problem is caused by a blocking issue at some locations.

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