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Plot #1 guide

Taking Yisha home

After agreeing to take Yisha home, you will now need to head into the nearby highway to reach; Even Temper. However unlike last time we will need to leave the highway at a set time. Keep an eye on your mission marker, then either press brake (usually backspace) or keep stafing left or right. Once you have left the highway, you need to travel to Auspicious Excavation. You should notice a glowing gate with the mission marker;

Now fly towards the gate and enter the local highway, and stay in it until you reach the gate. Once in Auspicious Excavation, turn right and search for the mission marker to the HDA Arawn.

The Arawn is large capital ship, where the captain Borman is waiting for Yisha. However the captain tells you that there are some problems, so it would be safer if Yisha remained your ship for now. You will be given some credits for your effort. Yisha is a bit shocked, and didnt know Borman would say that.

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