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Plot #1 guide

The Rahanas ship

So for a moment you wonder what to do, when you remember that you have a Rahanas (energy) parked up in Frozen Circuit. Ren is getting forgetful eh? To get to Frozen Circuit you will need to use a few highways (including a super-highway). To do this follow the goal markers.

Once in Frozen Circuit, you will see your ship floating in space;

My Rahanas (energy) in Frozen Circult

So, lets fly over to it and see what she is like.

hmm.... So its not that easy - pirates have sent acouple of drones to investigate the ship. So destory the (remember to change from the mining laser, as it wont do much damage to them). Also be careful as these drones can deal quite a lot of damage to your ship.

Once they have been taken care of, your next task is to find a captain for your ship. For this you will need to travel to Cuspid Splint, and land on the marked platform:

Finding a platform where the captain is

Do what you did before in Badlands colony and land on the platform. Dock, then search for a captain. The captain will be marked with the goal marker. Once you have found him/her, you will need to hire them. To do this open-up the pop-up menu, and select I want to hire you. You will see a small cinematic showing the captain walking onto your ship. Now with a captain aboard, its time to return to your Rahanas ship in Frozen Circuit. Leave the platform, and follow the mission marker back to the Rahanas.

Once in range you will need to land on the ship. This is done by getting close to the docking icon, then right-click and land. When you have landed, you will need to unload your captain onto the Rahanas (via the mini-menu, crew->remote call->unload). Once the captain is aboard, return to your ship.

The pirates (from earlier) have now came to investigate the disappearance of their drones. So now you must take on a couple of pirate ships. This time you will gain access to the missile launcher, which should make things easier. Although you wont get too many goes with it.

Once you have destroyed the pirates, you will be told to add the ship to your squad. To do this right-click on the ship, then click add to squad.

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