Rahanas Energy (L)

Rahanas Energy
The Rahanas Energy Freighter is one of the capital ships of the Rahanas line of vessels. Based on a Common Ground design just like its siblings, this large vessel has only basic weapons and is neither very agile nor capable of fast acceleration. Its intended (and only) use is the transport of energy cells and it is easily recognisable by its distinctive storage modules.

Name Rahanas Energy
Group L
Use by factions
Shields 300,000 M/J
Hull 1,300,000
Maximum speed 0 m/s
Weapons 0 main / 0 turrets
XML macro (for devs) units_size_l_kit_energy_01_macro
Ship construction
Time to build 226 seconds
Required wares
Ware cost Min: 2,678,316, Avg: 2,883,682, Max: 3,090,312.
Ware id (for devs) shp_l_kit_energy_01

Main: (6 items)
dronelaunchpad Drone-pad: Ware link Drones x 150
radar Radar: Ware link  
Scanner range: 8,000
shieldgenerator Shield: Ware link Capital Field Generator Mk1
300,000MJ, 150.0 seconds recharge
storage Storage: Ware link 10,000 x Fuel Storage
storage Storage: Ware link 130,000 x Energy Storage
hull Hull: 1,300,000


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