Energy Cells (ware)

Contrary to common belief, Energy Cells are not simply glorified batteries; actually, they are sophisticated biochemical (or bio-mechanical, depending on technology) devices capable of storing energy near or at 100% efficiency.

Ware price 2 to 8 credits (range: 6)
Ware type #energy
Ware Volume 2
Ware ID (for devs) energycells


Used in


Primary resources Min Max
No primary wares required..
Total 0 0

Secondary resources Min Max
8 x Food Rations 192 264
Total 192 264

Cycle time Value
Cycle time 10 mins,
Batch size 1400 units
Products per hour 8,400.0
Cycles per hour 6.0

Profits per hour Min Avg Max
Primary + Secondary 17,736 46,908 76,128