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Hacking and bombing

Once we reached Cryptic Heart, we need to do some hacking with a Trojan URV. So I would recommend getting close to the station, then deploy your drone. For some reason I had to do the first set of hacking twice - the first time Yisha didnt say anything. We are hacking points of the station, so we can land on the Xenon station and place our bombs.

Once all the points are hacked, we can land on the Xenon platform and place a bomb.

Once the first stage is done, we need to move to another part of the station and do the same thing again (with our hacking drone). This time I only needed to do the hacking points once. After planting the second bomb, the Xenon have see through our Camouflage device. So now all the Xenon are hostile - so its time to beat a hasty retreat.

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