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Posted by bozo64r on Monday 21st March, 2011   ·   Comment 1 comments

Ergh.... I like blogging... It's a way of getting things out there.
Well... today I completed X3 Terran Conflict for the third time, this time in an M7, Yaki Kariudo. Good ship. I started on X3 Reunion again, decided to get a few (10) Argon Goliaths mixed with fighters and stuff.... to try and take town the Terran defense in Heretics End at the end of the game, turns out it's not possible, I ended up in an Argon Arrow, (ship i always use for escape 1000+m/s) Dodging M1s and M2s Smile Got through the gate then the game crashed. Did not get to see Earth!
Recently go made a Mod... Smile *sings I have the Power* Smile and also I make signatures for anyone on the forums. I am glad to be back on here Smile Just wanted to see what this was :P
Anyway I will leave you to your normalities :P


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