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*coughs and curses* damn I lost my script.... here goes nothing!

I have recently started Roguey's forum again, i spent a lot of time off, when I was not playing on the X games.
I have re-started the campaign again, but cause I was board I scripted a Federation Defiant Class into my game, M2 class, with 4x10GJ shields :P I could not be bothered having a challenge.... and I did put in on X-treame mode... but then again I see no difference between that and normal.

I have now gone off X2 and X3TC and can't wait for XR to come out it shall be good.

[h1]In other news.....[/h1]

Nothing much more to say, I have added a 'Story time 2' post in which an ongoing story is made... it shall be fun. So far we have Argon Core dead and a lone person called Leon in an M7 being blasted off in Kha'ak space. Standard day for JB i bet :P

I have been doing some thinking lately on X Rebirth, it is saying that the suprenova destroyed it all.... I think this is going to ruin the concept of X, If you think about it, destroying the main 5 (or 6 is terran's are involved) races and making them weak, for one, the Xenon which are still at large even after X3TC probably would just cycle through and obliterate everyone, anyway enough bibble babble.(Mr.T might yell at me)

That's it for know.... tune in next time.

Posted by bozo64r on Wednesday 11th May, 2011   ·   Comment 3 comments   ·  


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