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    Now some people have had problems with the hub plot. I am one of those people. But I have found a way to do the Hub plot with out bashing my face in to the keyboard repeably. For some money can be hard to come by for others not so much. I have a solution to the money problem but at a cost. Most of this money will go to completing the hub plot but at the end it will end up paying for its self. So solution i found was on this forum. It was posted by cjm3fl. He posed about and exploit that will make you a ton of money mining nividum. What he wrote can be found here http://roguey.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=417 . It is a great guide on how to use this exploit. So, on to how I completed the hub plot. Now i tried this 6 different ways from doing the hauling my self to hiring a lot of CLS pilots to do the hauling for me. The game will run out of resources required for this if you do it with the massive amounts of CLS pilots. The way i did it was i made three complexes consisting of 75 stations I used.

10x Chip plant
10x Teleaudianum foundry (large)
10x Crystal fab (large)
10x Cahoona bakery (large)
10x Cattle ranch (large)
10x Solar power plant (Extra Large)
7x Silicon mines (large)
8x Ore mines (large)

    Now if you have used the nividum exploit the three complexes shouldn’t be a problem to come by. Now the area i found best to set up in is the unknown sector between montalar and new income. If you follow my guide on how to do the hub plot you will finish it in about a week. That’s 4 or 5 days of using the exploit and 2 days of your complexes working and your CLS pilots hauling to the Hub its self. Now English is not my native toung so im not the best when it comes to explaining things in detal so please feel free to comment on corrections that need to be made or things that i need to clear up. With that being said, here is exactly what i did.

1. Bring up standings with the argon, telaudi and boron (up to or above the required standing to get stations listed and the hub plot (Boron mission))

2. Make some credits for the nividum exploit any way you can you will need.
- 10x mercury super freighters for mining
- 1x Mammoth (fit it with a jump drive and stock energy cells)
- 10x CLS pilots to haul from the mining ships to the mammoth

3. Once standings are high enough to buy the stations required buy 6 mammoths to haul stations and build the first complex and move them to a sector of your choice or the one i menchend earlier and set up shop. (If you set up this right you will be able to connect all three complexes into one big complex)

4. Go to any boron sector to start the hub plot you will be contacted by a boron named mahi ma he will say "excuse me" open the coms with him to start the plot.

5. Do the first part of the hub requiring
- 400 x Computer Components
- 500 x Microchips

6. Buy 2 mercury super freighters (MSF for short) and hire 2 CLS pilots to haul the 150,000 Teladianium

7. Go find something to do it will take a few hours to complete.

8. Once the Teladianium is done reassign your CLS pilots to haul ore to the hub you will need to haul 450,000 ore. (for this i supplemented my ore haul with using the nividum exploit in herons nebula only i did it with ore instead of nividum.)

9. Repeat step 7

10. Buy a nother MSF and hire a CLS pilot and send it to your nividum exploit operation and collect 500 nividum and haul it back to the hub.

11. Use the same CLS pilot you used to haul nividum to the hub and reassign it to haul micro chips to a mammoth for storage. (At this point you should have a good deal of micro chips in your complex. Use one of the mammoths you used to haul the stations to store the micro chips. If one fills up start filling up another till you reach the part that will require micro chips or you reach 75,000 micro chips)

12. Buy 2 MSF and hire a CLS pilots to start hauling energy cells to your complex(s). (To help supplement the lack of crystals being made for energy cells and the lack of silicon wafers later in the plot.)

13. Buy 2 MSF and hire a CLS pilots and start having it haul crystal to the hub.

14. repeat step 7

15. Go to the Hub and deposit 15,000,000 credits. (by now that should not dent your wallet to much if at all.)

16. Use the same CLS pilots you use to haul crystal to haul silicon wafers to the hub. You will need 400,000 silicon wafers. (I once again used the nividum exploit in heron’s nebula only with silicon)

17. Repeat step 7

18. Once step 16 is complete use the same CLS pilots to haul micro chips from your complex(s) and mammoths to the hub. (By now you should be at or near 75,000 micro chips)

And once that is done the hub plot is done and you will have a xenon hub with the ability to connect to any gates you want to. In total if you have followed the guide right it should of only taken you 2.5 days to finish the hub plot. Now if you do it with only 1 complex it will take you 34.72 days. It will be in total bout 1 week to get every thing done for this plot. That includes ships, money and standings.

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