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Hi you know me as scott, been playing xgames for awhile. Got tired and been here lot about this game. Steam had it on sale for like 20.00 and well as a cheap guy i finally got it. Took a few tries to figure it out. La d was the hardest but finally got it down i think. Any how I finally started to figure somethings out. Ut please offer any tips sugestion etc yawl feel I can use, which is any. I flying a fed dropship, before thag a asp exore cobra 3 viper ,adder eagel and of course a sidewinder. Want a pytbon gettingtherr. I am combat expert trader and scout in rating. Been here that resare good places to make cash . Have made 5 mil in one night, but been upgrading ship as i make it. Been in the Ra , xihu gelise868 area am aligned with zach for now . I have found that with the drop ship, 3 med pulse turrents 2 med multicannon gimballed pythons, fdl cutter s fall quickly. Andocas so far needed a bit of help. Fed dropship normally fall fed assualt good pretty good. Have not taken on a gunship yet. There are all npcs . I know that makes a diffence as not wanting to .ix with people unless i have a wingman. Feel free to comment . Thanks i game i have cmdr cm how i got it not sure thanks scott

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