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Hi you know me as scott, been playing xgames for awhile. Got tired and been here lot about this game. Steam had it on sale for like 20.00 and well as a cheap guy i finally got it. Took a few tries to figure it out. La d was the hardest but finally got it down i think. Any how I finally started to figure somethings out. Ut please offer any tips sugestion etc yawl feel I can use, which is any. I flying a fed dropship, before thag a asp exore cobra 3 viper ,adder eagel and of course a sidewinder. Want a pytbon gettingtherr. I am combat expert trader and scout in rating. Been here that resare good places to make cash . Have made 5 mil in one night, but been upgrading ship as i make it. Been in the Ra , xihu gelise868 area am aligned with zach for now . I have found that with the drop ship, 3 med pulse turrents 2 med multicannon gimballed pythons, fdl cutter s fall quickly. Andocas so far needed a bit of help. Fed dropship normally fall fed assualt good pretty good. Have not taken on a gunship yet. There are all npcs . I know that makes a diffence as not wanting to .ix with people unless i have a wingman. Feel free to comment . Thanks i game i have cmdr cm how i got it not sure thanks scott

Posted by Scott on Saturday 13th February, 2016   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

X3 AP. fun game

Hi, I been playing X3 TC for awhile but finally got AP when on sale at steam.I not real keen on needing the net to play games. Main diffences ,.stockmarkett makes earning money somewhat eaiser, but having a nidivium minning in,a sector is better I think.Have not been able to get one started and keep it going.I have a lot of sector traders and some I traders and quill be adding more, but the war often put a crimp when a trader want to help.
I have secured put how to adjust the stockmarket for my benfit but not as good but it can work, using a freighter full of .spaceweed.Did some return ship missions and found a cobra, which I forgot to return lol.Now looking forward to more of those missions.., got a better set up for it now.. I plan on adding more to this as time goes.pleas feel few to comment to let me know off you got ideas. Thanks and may Jesus go with you in you're walk.

Posted by Scott on Wednesday 17th July, 2013   ·   Comment 2 comments   ·  

X3TC » x3tc player

Hi I been playing x3 for about 7 months or so. Very addicting,but I am trying to cap a Hyperion vanguard with out success so far.I do want to cap some ships but I got so many u traders that I do want to lose them. Been using the heavy dragon as my personnel ship. First time I played used the x shuttle then I reloaded and used the skate prototype. Now I used the blast-claw pro type wow awesome ship, then switched to the dragoon then to the heavy dragon better ship
I have restarted several times, each time learning more from the last. hope to start with the poisoned paranoid start next time doing the terrian plot in a Hyperion might be fun. please feel free to make suggestion etc thanks

Posted by Scott on Sunday 5th August, 2012   ·   Comment 13 comments   ·  

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