X3 AP. fun game

Hi, I been playing X3 TC for awhile but finally got AP when on sale at steam.I not real keen on needing the net to play games. Main diffences ,.stockmarkett makes earning money somewhat eaiser, but having a nidivium minning in,a sector is better I think.Have not been able to get one started and keep it going.I have a lot of sector traders and some I traders and quill be adding more, but the war often put a crimp when a trader want to help.
I have secured put how to adjust the stockmarket for my benfit but not as good but it can work, using a freighter full of .spaceweed.Did some return ship missions and found a cobra, which I forgot to return lol.Now looking forward to more of those missions.., got a better set up for it now.. I plan on adding more to this as time goes.pleas feel few to comment to let me know off you got ideas. Thanks and may Jesus go with you in you're walk.

Posted by Scott on Wednesday 17th July, 2013   ·   Comment 2 comments   ·  


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