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X3TC » A weekend later

Well I decided to be rid of the save in hopes of one that may bear sweeter fruit. I opted to go with the Poisoned Paranid start. If you haven't played this start before, there is an initial mission to obtain 25,000,000 Credits in 3 hours in the hopes of regaining you belongings as a holy one. Refusing to sell certain obtainable ships (because it is almost impossible to find other copies of several of them), I decided that capping, war missions, and mining was the way to go. Two in game days later, (8 hours IRL) I had finally acquired to necessary money to cure myself of the wretched disease that had afflicted me. Returning as close as was still possible to the Holy Paranid Theocracy, I retrieved my blessed Hyperion Vanguard and my delightful Advanced Perseus. Adding my Mamba to that group; I now owned a paltry three ships and two measly stations.(an ore mine in Ianamuras*, and a Mobile drill factory in Seizewell.) I now sought out to work my way into several of the quest lines with the goal of allying myself with the Profit Guild as well as the Terrans (In case things take a turn for the worse.) Several hours later, I now possess 4 Rapiers, 2 Kestrels, 2 Baldrics, 2 Advanced Perseus, 1 Advanced Pericles, 1 Mamba, and my lovely Hyperion Vanguard.

The Baldrics are the beginning of my vast trading empire, I intend to create a small fleet of about 15 Universe traders to start my initial income. From there I will purchase a TL and begin building Complexes in Savage Spur I think. In the meantime, I shall work my way through the main quests and start the dreaded Hub Plot quest :O. Here's to a successful beginning!

Live Long and Prosper

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X3TC » Blogging away

Greetings and salutations,

This will be my first ever blog, thus it will likely be wrought with errors. I have owned the X3 games for about 15 months now, yet I've not honestly had the patience to really get into a single save before now. I recently played relatively far into X3AP, getting the HQ and Xenon Hub before becoming disgusted by my ineptly built system of trade, and decided to give X3:TC a try after almost a year long hiatus.

I've now played for about 3 hours real time, yet I've managed to die at least twice that number. I started out with the Terran character. I tried to complete the main quest with out any additional help; that failed resoundingly after I died twice attempting to scan the pirate base. It almost seems as if the pirate incursions in X3Tc are much harsher and more rampant than in X3AP, either that or the factions are less capable of repelling them without the additional support provided to them in X3AP.

While avoiding all of these incursions, I have set out to obtain as many of the free ships as possible without selling nay of the ones that are unique copies in the game(so I might reverse-engineer them later on). I have finally purchase 2 Mistrals and begun to set them up as Sector Trades in Argon Territory. Hopefully, I will be using the recently acquired funding from selling the Mamba to purchase some more and to start my complex building.

I think I shall be using Mines of Fortune as one of my major complex sectors, if not my Core sector. I know it doesn't have the best asteroids, but by god, it has enough! Savage Spur also has a certain appeal, but that would require better negotiations and relations on my part that I'm not ready for yet.

Here's to a busy weekend of Xing it up!

If you've managed to actually read this far, thank your; and if you have any tips or hints feel free to message me in any ways possible!

Live Long and Prosper

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