Felicity Farseer (Engineer)


Felicity Farseer is a legendary explorer, who engineered her own improvements to her Asp Explorer early in her career. She is willing to share some of that knowledge with fellow explorers and also operates an extensive training programme for technicians and mechanics heading out into the black. She based herself here at her father's mining and refinery facility, though in fact her operation is separate. Develop your relationship with her to learn about another engineer.
  • Discovered: Common knowledge,
  • Meeting: Gain the exploration rank of Scout or higher,
  • Unlocked: Donate 1 unit of Meta Alloys (Maia » A 2 a » Darnielles Progress or harvest from barnacles),

Location: Deciat » 6 A » Farseer Inc,

Region: Sol,

Possible blue-prints
folderDetailed Surface Scanner
Expanded Probe Scanning Radius 3 MAX
folderFrame shift drive
Faster boot sequence 5 MAX
Increased range 5 MAX
Shielded fsd 5 MAX
folderFrame shift drive interdictor
Expanded capture arc 1 MAX
Longe range 1 MAX
folderPower plant
Armoured 1 MAX
Overcharged 1 MAX
Low emissions 1 MAX
Lightweight 3 MAX
Long range 3 MAX
Wide angle 3 MAX
folderShield booster
Blast resistant 1 MAX
Heavy duty 1 MAX
Kinetic resistant 1 MAX
Resistance augmented 1 MAX
Thermal resistant 1 MAX
Dirty drive tuning 3 MAX
Drive strengthening 3 MAX
Clean drive tuning 3 MAX

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