Mel Brandon (Engineer)


Mel Brandon is a specialist in laser-based weaponry, shields, frame shift drives and engines. He was dishonourably discharged from the Federal Defence Force for disobeying a senior officer who ordered a combat strike on a labour protest, but he was popular in the service, and retains some useful contacts. Many of his comrades-in-arms have since joined him in his business.
  • Discovered: Unlock Elvira Martuuk (grade 3+),
  • Meeting: Invited by the Colonia Council when friendly with the faction,
  • Unlocked: Donate 100,000 bounty credits,

Location: Luchtaine » A 1 C » The Brig,

Region: Colonia,

Possible blue-prints
folderBeam laser
Effcient 4 MAX
Lightweight mount 4 MAX
Long range 4 MAX
Short range 4 MAX
Sturdy mount 4 MAX
Overcharged 4 MAX
folderBurst laser
Efficient 2 MAX
Lightweight mount 2 MAX
Long range 2 MAX
Overcharged 2 MAX
Short range 2 MAX
Sturdy mount 2 MAX
Focused 2 MAX
Rapid fire 2 MAX
folderFrame shift drive
Faster boot sequence 2 MAX
Increased range 2 MAX
Shielded fsd 2 MAX
folderFrame shift drive interdictor
Expanded capture arc 1 MAX
Longe range 1 MAX
folderPulse laser
Efficient 4 MAX
Focused 4 MAX
Lightweight mount 4 MAX
Overcharged 4 MAX
Sturdy mount 4 MAX
Rapid fire 4 MAX
Long range 4 MAX
folderShield booster
Blast resistant 4 MAX
Heavy duty 4 MAX
Kinetic resistant 4 MAX
Resistance augmented 4 MAX
Thermal resistant 4 MAX
folderShield cell bank
Rapid charge 3 MAX
Specialised 3 MAX
folderShield generator
Kinetic resistant 3 MAX
Enhanced, Low power 3 MAX
Reinforced 3 MAX
Thermal resistant 3 MAX
Dirty drive tuning 5 MAX
Drive strengthening 5 MAX
Clean drive tuning 5 MAX

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