Yaki Susanowa Prototype (M3)

Ship picture
The Susanowa is the heavy fighter-class of the pirate faction; The Yaki. Its full capabilities have not yet been determined.

Price 750,000 credits (-100,000 notoriety points)
Acceleration 27.9 to 83.7m/s
Engine speed 89 to 267.0m/s (x20 engine tunings)
Turn speed 29.9 to 65.7rpm (x12 rudder tunings)
Shields 3 x 25 MJ Shield (1 mins, 51 secs, 100% efficiency)
Hull strength 20,800 points
Weapon energy 7,500 (+ 190.0J/sec)
Cargo-bay 93 - 152 (L sized)
Production at HQ
58 mins, 31 secs.
8 x Cockpit Shield/min Hull/min Projectile speed Life-time Distance
ire Impulse Ray Emitter 88,000 8,400 1,162m/s 1.2sec 1.4km
pac Particle Accelerator Cannon 362,827 44,921 703m/s 2.7sec 1.9km
fbl Fragmentation Bomb Launcher 528,644 89,148 359m/s 5.5sec 2.0km
hept High Energy Plasma Thrower 564,623 93,962 431m/s 5.4sec 2.3km
pbg Plasma Burst Generator 25,644 6,575 375m/s 2.1sec 0.8km
Available missiles Group Damage Projectile speed Life-time Distance
counter group icon Mosquito Missile Counter 200 700.0m/s 20.1secs 14.1km
light group icon Wasp Missile Light 1,000x8 560.0m/s 32.4secs 18.1km
light group icon Silkworm Missile Light 19,000 228.0m/s 123.0secs 28.0km
light group icon Disruptor Missile Light 6,000 620.0m/s 64.4secs 39.9km
light group icon Hurricane Missile Light 6,000 560.0m/s 51.9secs 29.1km
light group icon Remote Guided Warhead Light 100,000 170.0m/s 465.0secs 79.1km
light group icon Wildfire Missile Light 15,000 295.0m/s 112.0secs 33.0km
medium group icon Thunderbolt Missile Medium 75,000 235.0m/s 333.0secs 78.3km
medium group icon Tempest Missile Medium 60,000 235.0m/s 264.0secs 62.0km
medium group icon Cyclone Missile Medium 23,000 175.0m/s 338.0secs 59.2km
medium group icon Tornado Missile Medium 50,000x8 312.0m/s 80.0secs 25.0km
medium group icon Beluga Missile Medium 100,000 255.0m/s 350.0secs 89.3km
medium group icon Hammerhead Missile Medium 1,250,000 205.0m/s 401.0secs 82.2km
medium group icon Windstalker Missile Medium 30,000 220.0m/s 101.0secs 22.2km
medium group icon Banshee Missile Medium 74,000 185.0m/s 87.0secs 16.1km
dmbf group icon Dragonfly Missile Dmbf 5,000 300.0m/s 62.5secs 18.8km
dmbf group icon Firefly Missile Dmbf 1,500 690.0m/s 24.0secs 16.6km
dmbf group icon Aurora Missile Dmbf 8,000 700.0m/s 25.8secs 18.1km
dmbf group icon Rapier Missile Dmbf 1,000 780.0m/s 49.0secs 38.2km
dmbf group icon Firelance Missile Dmbf 4,500 600.0m/s 30.5secs 18.3km


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