Ion Shard Railgun

Laser picture
A weapon usually found equipped on corvettes or frigate-sized ships, used for fighter defence. Developed from reverse-engineered Boron ion weapon technology, the Ion Shard Railgun fires ionised 'shards' of super-heated plasma, which are then accelerated to high speed using magnets. This combination can wreak havoc on weapons systems.

Price 388,224 credits (3,333 notoriety points)
Cargo-bay 22 (M sized)
Shield damage 2,671 per hit 616,385 per min
Hull damage 962 per hit 222,000 per min
Energy Usage 124 per hit 28,615 per min
Rounds per min 231
Range 3.3 km (6.7 secs)
Projectile speed 498 ms

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