Paranid Pegasus (M5)

Ship picture
This ship was designed to be the main scout craft of the Paranid Fleet; lightly armed, but fast. The Pegasus design is considered a success in its role, and has also been widely adopted for various civilian purposes. Constantly being updated, this ship dates back to the early period of the Paranid and Split war against the Boron.

id SS_SH_P_M5
Price 36,100 credits (33 notoriety points)
Acceleration 49.1 to 172.0m/s
Engine speed 107 to 375.6m/s (x25 engine tunings)
Turn speed 17.4 to 60.8rpm (x25 rudder tunings)
Shields 3 x 1 MJ Shield (31 secs, 100% efficiency)
Hull strength 1,000 points
Weapon energy 550 (+ 13.7J/sec)
Cargo-bay 60 - 76 (S sized)
Where to buy
Production at HQ
4 mins, 41 secs.
4 x Cockpit Shield/min Hull/min Projectile speed Life-time Distance
ire Impulse Ray Emitter 88,000 8,400 1,162m/s 1.2sec 1.4km
Available missiles Group Damage Projectile speed Life-time Distance
dmbf group icon Mosquito Missile Dmbf 200 590.0m/s 24.9secs 14.7km
dmbf group icon Dragonfly Missile Dmbf 5,000 250.0m/s 75.0secs 18.8km
dmbf group icon Firefly Missile Dmbf 1,500 576.0m/s 43.4secs 25.0km
dmbf group icon Aurora Missile Dmbf 8,000 589.0m/s 31.8secs 18.7km
dmbf group icon Rapier Missile Dmbf 1,000 657.5m/s 152.1secs 100.0km
dmbf group icon Firelance Missile Dmbf 4,500 500.1m/s 100.0secs 50.0km


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