Split Rastar Refinery L (Food)

factory picture
A Rastar Refinery is a dark and evil smelling place where large chunks of the fatty flesh of the Chelt are rendered down, and then processed to produce a fine oil called Rastar. Many races use this oil as lubrication for delicate mechanical parts. In addition to its other resources each factory also requires large numbers of Space flies and their food Nostrop.

General Statistics
Race owner Split Split
Station price 2,512,275
Cargo space 20,250 (ST)
Station ID SS_FAC_F238_1
Rastar Oil production
Ware Min Avg Max
100 x Energy Cells 12 16 20
20 x Chelts Meat 49 104 159
Totals : 2.2K 3.7K 5.2K
Ware Min Avg Max
10 x Rastar Oil 252 486 720
Totals : 2.5K 4.9K 7.2K
Cycle Time
: 1 min, 20 secs.
: 45
: 450 units
Min Profit/Hour
Avg Profit/Hour
Max Profit/Hour
: -119,700 credits
: 53,100 credits
: 225,900 credits
Sold at Found in

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