Etienne Dorn (Engineer)


Etienne Dorn used to be the lead shield engineer for Kraken Shield specialists, but these days he's mostly self employed. He still shares his developments with his former employers, but he usually offer prodcuts to private clients fotst.. for the right price. His burgeonin sucess has led him to delevop stat-of-the-art facilities, but he prefers to work with robots to maintain his seclusion.

Location: Los » A 2 B » Krakens Retreat,

Region: Colonia,

Possible blue-prints
folderDetailed Surface Scanner
Expanded Probe Scanning Radius 3 MAX
folderFrame shift wake scanner
Lightweight 1 MAX
Reinforced 1 MAX
Shielded 1 MAX
Long range 1 MAX
Wide range 1 MAX
Fast scan 1 MAX
folderLife support
Lightweight 4 MAX
Reinforced 4 MAX
Shielded 4 MAX
folderPower distributor
High charge capacity 3 MAX
Charge enhanced 3 MAX
Engine focused 3 MAX
System focused 3 MAX
Weapon focused 3 MAX
Shielded 3 MAX
folderPower plant
Armoured 2 MAX
Overcharged 2 MAX
Low emissions 2 MAX
Lightweight 1 MAX
Long range 1 MAX
Wide angle 1 MAX

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