Selenium (Resource)

Normally found on planet surfaces but may be offered as mission reward.

Where can I find Selenium:    
Used in
folderBeam laser
Effcient 4
folderBurst laser
Efficient 4
Efficient 4
folderFragment cannon
Efficient 4
folderFrame shift drive
Faster-boot-sequence 3
folderMulti cannon
Efficient 4
folderPlasma accelerator
Efficient 4
folderPower distributor
High-charge-capacity 4
Engine-focused 3
System-focused 4
Weapon-focused 3
folderPower plant
Overcharged 3
folderPulse laser
Efficient 4
folderShield generator
Kinetic-resistant 3
Thermal-resistant 3
Dirty-drive-tuning 4

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