Argon Boreas (M2)

Ship picture
With some sacrifices of shielding and armament for speed, this OTAS-developed light destroyer can react quickly to developing situations.

Price 69,350,000 credits (33,333 notoriety points)
Engine speed 42 to 63.0m/s (x5 engine tunings)
Turn speed 0.5 to 0.9rpm (x10 rudder tunings)
Shields 4 x 2 GJ Shield (19 mins, 36 secs, 100% efficiency)
Hull strength 4,000,000 points
Weapon energy 300,000 (+ 4,500.0J/sec)
Cargo-bay 7,000 - 8,500 (XL sized)
Production at HQ
60 hours, 7 mins, 44 secs.
Weapons Missiles

8 x Front turret

8 x Right turret

8 x Rear turret

8 x Left turret

4 x Top turret

4 x Bottom turret







Special commonwealth

Special terran

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Kepler avatar
Kepler  •  2 years ago
It's got nerfed in AP but still not a light-destroyer...
Kepler avatar
Kepler  •  2 years ago
OTAS developed Boreas and classified as 'light destroyer'. What were they drinking?
cheiron01 avatar
cheiron01  •  3 years ago
Have 2 of them flying around together with an Odysseus and a Titan.. Boreas is my favourite till now. Good shielding, speed and some handsome firepower ;-)
HakanErtugrul avatar
HakanErtugrul  •  3 years ago
this is possibly the greatest M2/Destroyer in the game. Great shield power(4*2GJ), epic reactor and weapon power as well as recharge, not to mention it small profile(it's the size of most M7/frigates), decent cargo bay, and it is the second fastest M2/destroyer in the game, and last but not least great weapon selection. the ONLY downside i know about this ship is that it has not hanger but that aside it's a must for every fleet it's my personal ship. my load out is 4*Photon Pulse Cannon and 4*Concussion Impulse Generator for left, right, front and back. and for top and bottom 8 Concussion Impulse Generator each serves me well
DangerClose avatar
DangerClose  •  3 years ago
I used it in Final Fury, too. Excellent battlecruiser, though I don't know why they call it a "light destroyer." It has a healthy sheild bay and is covered in PPC's.
Blackholesun avatar
Blackholesun  •  3 years ago
I used it in fianl fury and wiped out a xenon sector 472 with
Bogus avatar
Bogus  •  3 years ago
Don't let the description fool you, aside from the size there's nothing at all "light" about this ship. Best non-terran shields and massive firepower in all directions make the Boreas the top dog in Commonwealth capital combat.
JoelNussbaum avatar
JoelNussbaum  •  4 years ago
The Boreas is a beast of the destroyers. Despite what the game says in compromising armament and shielding, it still has great shields and can mount anti-capitol ship weaponry on every slot it has including rear(ppc) top and bottom (ibl). A tactic I prefer when fighting in this ship vs other M2 or M1 class ships is to fly the ship away from the enemy ship and then take control of the rear turret blasting those 8 ppcs at anything stupid or fast enough to pursue my Boreas. Using this, I have easily taken down 4-5 capitol ships and their escorts without even getting my shields stripped. This is definitely a ship worth purchasing if you are in the market for a M2 and dont want to spend the money on a mega.
Scott avatar
Scott  •  5 years ago
I used this ship to finsh final fury.T desrroed two carriers and.destroyierd in a couple of miutes.and took out all the kaak in few minutes,had my demious flyibg proect me,could have owned that sector

Gavin786 avatar
Gavin786  •  5 years ago
Hi All,

In my opinion this is one of the best and most useful ships in the game. It is a pity that the shields have been nerfed as of patch 1.1, but something I found useful and I will share it with you : If you started playing before patch 1.1, there are likely still to be some Boreases flying around which still have the 5 shield slots = 10GJ shields. One in Legends Home, the other either in Aladna Hill or Light of Heart, and if you like this ship, getting your hands on them might be a good idea before they are gone. I found out this by capping a Python and it only had 3 shield slots(it should have 4 as of 1.1), so I realised there are still some ships flying around that have the same stats before the update. I hope this is useful information for you, this is my favourite ship in the game and I have been in some tough scrapes with it and the extra shields do come in handy.
AdetheRare avatar
AdetheRare  •  5 years ago
Good price for what you get! Easily out-performs any standard enemy M2/M1. Put it in a sector and that sector is yours Wink