Pirate Blastclaw Prototype (M3)

Ship picture
The product of rare collaboration between two pirate clans, the Blastclaw is a distinctive and destructive ship, which should be kept at a safe distance.

Price 3,592,600 credits (1,000 notoriety points)
Engine speed 57 to 159.6m/s (x18 engine tunings)
Turn speed 21.8 to 54.6rpm (x15 rudder tunings)
Shields 4 x 25 MJ Shield (2 mins, 35 secs, 72% efficiency)
Hull strength 18,000 points
Weapon energy 6,800 (+ 136.0J/sec)
Cargo-bay 250 - 650 (L sized)
Production at HQ
4 hours, 40 mins, 21 secs.
Weapons Missiles

4 x Cockpit

2 x Front turret

2 x Rear turret







Special commonwealth

Special terran

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ParanoidMike avatar
ParanoidMike  •  2 months ago
Great as a personal ship. Fill it up with ammo and energy cells and it's a formidable ship to scout the universe. Managed to get this ship from a pirate protecting a Brigantine.
Kepler avatar
Kepler  •  2 years ago
Why this solid ship has no comments? Blastclaw PT is really kick some serious ass! which M3+ has 630 cargo spaces, 4 turrets, cool exterior. Nice work pirates Smile
JoelNussbaum avatar
JoelNussbaum  •  4 years ago
This ship is extremely useful for a variety of reasons. 1 Cargo space it can hold 650 units which is more than ANY m3 class ship. 2 Shielding is above average as well which means it can survive extended firefights. 2 Its weaponry is spread out in a nice defensive pattern further extending the ship's already good survivability. All this being said it only does have a 4 battery main turret, but if you have ever used 8-9 main battery main turrets, you know they will drain your reactor fast. Seems this specific ship excels in tanking fighter dogfights.
SuperResistant avatar
SuperResistant  •  4 years ago
His stats are average, but his huge cargo make him exceptionnal. Able to fire hammerhead and equiped with twin turrets, this M3 his great for exploration and can even fight heavy ship (from a distance of course).
Scott avatar
Scott  •  4 years ago
best personal ship underm3 in the game. beats the xshuttle in all but 2 cat speed and sheilds but i like this ship better
Rover avatar
Rover  •  4 years ago
A Pretty Terrible Fighter, but an awesome cargo ships for carriers with its 650 units of cargo. Great alterative to freight drones if you can get your hands on enough of them (which is a fairly easy process of just camping out in pirate sectors).
AdetheRare avatar
AdetheRare  •  5 years ago
The only thing that lets this ship down is its weapon recharge, but if you stick something with a low energy drain in the turrets for missile defence (IRE's or MD's) it's actually pretty formidable. The rediculously large cargo bay for a ship of its size allows for good use of ammo-based weapons. Plus it looks awesome Wink