Paranid Pericles (M4)

Ship picture
The Pericles was developed to replace the aging Poseidon. The Pericles improved on the earlier model by increasing shield capacity and the speed of the ship, while keeping the weapon compatibility. The Pericles spent a long time in development as it had some structural flaws. These flaws were ironed out and the ship entered service to the sadness of the pilots who had become used to the sight of the Poseidon.

id SS_SH_P_M4
Price 244,250 credits (100 notoriety points)
Acceleration 19.9 to 55.8m/s
Engine speed 63 to 177.5m/s (x18 engine tunings)
Turn speed 19.3 to 54.1rpm (x18 rudder tunings)
Shields 3 x 5 MJ Shield (1 mins, 3 secs, 100% efficiency)
Hull strength 3,500 points
Weapon energy 2,250 (+ 56.2J/sec)
Cargo-bay 30 - 110 (S sized)
Where to buy
Production at HQ
25 mins, 24 secs.
6 x Cockpit Shield/min Hull/min Projectile speed Life-time Distance
ire Impulse Ray Emitter 88,000 8,400 1,162m/s 1.2sec 1.4km
pac Particle Accelerator Cannon 362,827 44,921 703m/s 2.7sec 1.9km
fbl Fragmentation Bomb Launcher 528,644 89,148 359m/s 5.5sec 2.0km
Available missiles Group Damage Projectile speed Life-time Distance
light group icon Wasp Missile Light 1,000x8 560.0m/s 32.4secs 18.1km
light group icon Silkworm Missile Light 19,000 190.0m/s 149.6secs 28.4km
light group icon Disruptor Missile Light 6,000 514.8m/s 77.7secs 40.0km
light group icon Hurricane Missile Light 6,000 471.3m/s 63.7secs 30.0km
light group icon Remote Guided Warhead Light 100,000 142.7m/s 560.4secs 80.0km
light group icon Wildfire Missile Light 15,000 246.6m/s 135.2secs 33.3km
dmbf group icon Mosquito Missile Dmbf 200 590.0m/s 24.9secs 14.7km
dmbf group icon Dragonfly Missile Dmbf 5,000 250.0m/s 75.0secs 18.8km
dmbf group icon Firefly Missile Dmbf 1,500 576.0m/s 43.4secs 25.0km
dmbf group icon Aurora Missile Dmbf 8,000 589.0m/s 31.8secs 18.7km
dmbf group icon Rapier Missile Dmbf 1,000 657.5m/s 152.1secs 100.0km
dmbf group icon Firelance Missile Dmbf 4,500 500.1m/s 100.0secs 50.0km


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