Paranid Soyery L (Food)

factory picture
A Soyery is a Paranid food factory where Soja Beans are processed and converted into Soja husk, a vegetable based foodstuff that is traded throughout the universe. The Paranid also add Stott Spices to the Soja husk to make a number of different varieties and tastes. In addition to Soja Beans and Boron Spices each factory also requires large amounts of Energy and Nostrop.

General Statistics
Race owner Paranid Paranid
Station price 2,087,266
Cargo space 15,750 (ST)
Station ID SS_FAC_F248_1
Soja Husk production
Ware Min Avg Max
75 x Energy Cells 12 16 20
60 x Soja Beans 13 26 39
Totals : 1.7K 2.8K 3.8K
Ware Min Avg Max
10 x Soja Husk 203 364 525
Totals : 2K 3.6K 5.3K
Cycle Time
: 1 min
: 60
: 600 units
Min Profit/Hour
Avg Profit/Hour
Max Profit/Hour
: -108,600 credits
: 52,800 credits
: 214,200 credits
Sold at Found in

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