Paranid Paranid Shipyard (Ship)

factory picture
Shipyards are the heart and soul of modern societies. They are factories of gigantic dimension, built to manufacture all the space vehicles and even build and sell whole construction kits for new factories. Because of the immense resources and labour required to build as well as run a factory like this, shipyards are rare to encounter. The Paranid build their spaceships in large automated assembly plants. In these factories they forge their own metals and plastics, design and develop new ships, as well as constructing and testing the entire range of Paranid space ships.

General Statistics
Race owner Paranid Paranid
Station price 649,167
Cargo space 20,000 (ST)
Other production
Paranid Pericles no. rank 317,118 credits
Paranid Hermes no. rank 345,357 credits
Paranid Pegasus no. rank 46,870 credits
Paranid Perseus no. rank 1,238,805 credits
Paranid Helios no. rank 201,242 credits
Paranid Deimos no. rank 37,704,315 credits
Paranid Medusa no. rank 4,435,951 credits
Paranid Theseus no. rank 662,150 credits
Paranid Low-yield Sidearms Fab no. rank 1,298,334 credits
Sold at Found in
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