Shady Business Plot (Index)

Shady Business Plot guide

On the next few pages you will find the walk-through to the Shady Business plot.
Please note this guide will contain major spoilers!

Here is an break-down of the guide:

Page Info
1. Introduction and requirements A quick run-down about the plot, whats required to start.
2. Legwork The search for Ho t'Sht begins,
3. Legwork.. continued. Hunting a dragon.
4. Race against time. Whizz around Freedom's Reach
5. Choosing sides. Picking an ally
6. Testbed Collect resources; including spaceflies!?!
7. Testbed... continued Now the research team want a ship!?!
8. Miscalculation Stranded in a hostile Uknown Xenon sector.
9. Miscalculation.. continued Under-attack in the Xenon Graveyard.
10. Armistice Fetching the Argon and Terran Ambassadors,
11. Armistice.. continued Starting the peace talks.
12. "Get Bent" / Destory/board the Goner Ozias Decide what happens to the peace talks.

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