Argon Mammoth (TL)

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The Argon Mammoth is a Heavy Transporter ship, usually found in Argon Federation territory. It is so large that it cannot dock at any space station, instead it is loaded and unloaded by docking some distance from the station, having its freight ferried backwards and forwards by fleets of smaller transporters. These ships are owned by successful private entrepreneur pilots who have made a great investment in order to purchase them - therefore they are more than keen to hire out their services.

Price 17,557,250 credits (1,000 notoriety points)
Engine speed 58 to 87.6m/s (x5 engine tunings)
Turn speed 1.5 to 2.3rpm (x5 rudder tunings)
Shields 5 x 200 MJ Shield (5 mins, 37 secs, 44% efficiency)
Hull strength 1,500,000 points
Weapon energy 17,100 (+ 170.9J/sec)
Cargo-bay 60,000 - 60,000 (ST sized)
Hanger 5 ships
Where to buy
Production at HQ
15 hours, 13 mins, 22 secs.
Weapons Missiles

2 x Front turret

2 x Right turret

2 x Rear turret

2 x Left turret







Special commonwealth

Special terran

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RandomTank avatar
RandomTank  •  3 years ago
Lets do the good points and bad points of each TL that you can buy:
-Amazing cargo bay
-Good Heavy weapon selection
-Good Missile selection
-Amazing Steering
-Good alround profile, hardest to hit from range, but not that hard

-Average Generator
-Average Shielding
-Average Flak

-Bad Speed
-Bad Hanger

Conclusion? Costly, anti-cap dump truck
Raptor avatar
Raptor  •  3 years ago
the 60,000 ST cargo is its golden feature Smile
TheDoubleHelix avatar
TheDoubleHelix  •  4 years ago
I prefer the Atmos. lifter and mining base ship, but this ship is definitely worth getting hold of, that 60k cargo space is worth it either way.
leko avatar
leko  •  4 years ago
Indeed the best! - upgraded its rudder and then its speed by collecting barrels with the upgrades. (rudder important, else it will bump into everything)
My loadout: front ibl, left/right flak, rear prg
m: Rapier am - Hammerhead ac
JoelNussbaum avatar
JoelNussbaum  •  4 years ago
The argon finally do something right with this ship. Its slow and saying that is an insult to slow ships. This is where the negatives end tho. It shielding and hull are both respectable, it has a small hangar and can mount an 8 turret defense to include flak or plasma beam cannons in its right and left. Then there is thee issue of its cargo bay, its massive allowing the user to hold up to 3 larger stations in its belly at once. Its cost is pretty high but then again its worth it for anyone who is building their trade empire to get a mammoth in their ranks.
RandomTank avatar
RandomTank  •  4 years ago
Best station carrier, but it's so expensive for it!!! You can buy 2 elephants for this and still have change!!! It's also the slowest TL, but has the most guns. What purpose is it supposed to achieve??? It's actually quite good at mining, because of big transport and you dont need speed. Another fun idea is to fill it with 20000 mosquito missiles over a long period of time, you can only imagine the end result........
PuppyOfWar avatar
PuppyOfWar  •  5 years ago
What can I say? It's a building game and this is the biggest dumptruck around. When building large complexes one will want to have a few of these to ferry stations and complex kits to the construction site.